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Photo Smoke One?
Posted by: FaTTy - 05-18-2018, 10:52 AM - Forum: Smoke ShoTs - No Replies

[Image: WIN_20180518_10_42_23_Pro.jpg]

Sm0K3 0N3 !!!

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  YouTube SHutting Down Cannabis Channels!!!
Posted by: FaTTy - 05-18-2018, 10:33 AM - Forum: The HangOuT - No Replies

YouTube Is Shutting Down Marijuana Channels
Account owners say they haven't violated community guidelines as the company refuses to respond to inquiries.

Wednesday 04/25/2018
by Madison Margolin

In what appears to be more than just a coincidence, YouTube has shut down a number of cannabis-related channels over the past several weeks.

One such channel, Marihuana Television (based out of Spain) released a notice about the censorship on April 12: "During the last six years, our YouTube channel has been a reference of information on cannabis culture in Spanish," the statement translates. "Up to half a million people a month visited us. However, on April 11 and without notice, YouTube canceled our account. Our wings have been cut off."

The pattern is international, targeting channels across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Some of these channels are purely educational or for entertainment; others are related to cultivation, grow shops, or seed banks.

MERRY JANE reached out to YouTube for comment, but received no response (yet).

Sandra Colasanti of Urbanremo, Canada's biggest cannabis channel boasting 190,000 subscribers before YouTube shut it down, says she began hearing about pot censorship on the platform in December 2017. It began with a notice that they were violating YouTube's community guidelines. Violations, according to YouTube, include "videos that contain nudity or sexual content, violent or graphic content, harmful or dangerous content, hateful content, threats, spam, misleading metadata, or scams." Upon the first violation, the channel receives a strike and the video gets removed; the second violation (if within three months) leads to a moratorium on posting videos for two weeks; and the third violation (if within three months of the first two) results in account termination.

Account holders who believe their content was unreasonably removed have the option to appeal the strikes, according to YouTube’s terms.

Colasanti, like others who have been targeted, says her channel never violated any of YouTube's community guidelines. "We moderate every single comment, and in no way could we be called spamming," she says. "Our videos try to be uplifting and positive in the community, and are not in any way trying to hurt people." The channel was started by Sandra and Remo Colasanti, a medical marijuana patient who broke his back and his neck in two different accidents. The videos take viewers around the world, educating and documenting what members of the cannabis industry and medical marijuana community are doing with the plant.

Sick patients who can't leave their homes live vicariously through Remo's on-camera adventures, his wife says. "To lose this channel is devastating not only to the dedication that Remo puts in everyday for the videos, but for the patients who feel like they lost something," she says.

For Urbanremo, after the first two strikes, dozens came in at once in the middle of the night. "We don't know what it is, whether it's a bot, or whether it's YouTube that's doing it," Colasanti says. "We heard that back in December, YouTube hired 1,000 people to get rid of fake videos. Whether they don't know the guidelines, or what the deal is, we're not the only one by any means."

Urbanremo's correspondence with YouTube below:

Clara Sativa of Marihuana Television says they received various warnings before the ultimate shutdown, but that the channel had never violated community guidelines. "We had one strike because in one video about the Cannabis Cup, there were some people smoking, but this was our warning," she says. The next two strikes came within a few days of each other, and without any time for the channel administrators to react, it was shut down, Sativa says.

"I'm preparing a collective statement to share with all the Spanish channels affected to see which kind of strategy we can all follow together," Sativa says. "Right now in this moment, everybody is doing their own appeal to YouTube, waiting for an answer." YouTube has yet to give these targeted channels the courtesy of a personal response.

Marihuana Television's collective statement below:

"This censorship of the freedom of expression and educational channels is not normal," Sativa says. "We were on YouTube since 2008 and always respected all its rules!"

MERRY JANE will update this story as it continues to develop.

Published on April 25, 2018
Madison Margolin

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  How to make Cannabutter (Crockpot recipe)
Posted by: FaTTy - 12-09-2017, 04:03 AM - Forum: Fun Food and Stoner Recipes - No Replies

We need a Crock Pot, butter (real butter is best), trim or bud, and water. Later you will also need a large pot, strainer, cheese cloth, and storage container.

I usually cook with trim and use the ratio of 1oz of trim to 1lb butter. When using bud, I use 1/4oz bud to 1lb butter. For this batch I'm using 2oz of trim and 2lb butter. Your results will vary depending on how strong your trim or bud is, and you can only dial it in through experimentation. Final product too strong? Dilute by melting in a pot with more butter. To weak? Run it again with more trim / bud. You can't really screw it up.

The first part of the chemistry is releasing the trichomes from the trim / bud. You will release more of the active ingredients in the marijuana if the bud is finely ground and all of the trichomes are exposed. You can dry out your trim / bud until it's crispy, then put it in a ziploc bag and crunch it up. If it's not crispy dry, you can freeze it in a ziploc bag and then crunch it up. Just crunch it up, that's the message. 

 Put all eight sticks of butter in the bottom of the pot, add the 2oz of trim, then add 2.5 quarts of water. The amount of water isn't really important, but you want enough to top off your Crock Pot and wet all of your trim / bud. Mix it a bit to make sure everything is wet, then put on the cover and turn your crock pot on low.

 after an hour or so you will notice that the butter has melted and is blending with the water and trim / bud. Stir once in a while, but don't go crazy. The crock pot does its best work with time, the lid on, and the power on low. I probably only stir the mash three or four times over the whole process. Not quite "set it and forget it", but close.
 Leave the crock pot cooking till the next day. Yeah, the next DAY. I usually cook for 24 hours. The simplified chemistry is as follows: The active ingredients in marijuana are fat soluable, not water soluable. The butter will absorb the active ingredients released from the marijuana, which is broken down by the water mash mix. 
So now we have our potent butter, how do we seperate it from the water and mash?

Position a large pot and strainer over each other and drape cheese cloth (available at your grocery store with baking or canning supplies) across the strainer. This is optional, but if you don't strain really well you may have a bitter, weedy taste to your butter.


I start by using a ladel to get most of the mash out of the crock pot. Once you have all of the mash in the strainer and all of the liquid out of the crock pot, just let it sit for 15 - 30 minutes. Every drop that drains out is precious! USE CAUTION, the mash will be VERY HOT!! After you have waited to let the strainer drain, gather the edges of the cheese cloth and squeeze out any remaining liquid. It will be mostly butter as the trim / bud and butter LOVE each other so make sure to strain well !! 

Trash or compost your trim / bud mash. It is completely spent at this point.

Put the mix in your refrigerator overnight. The butter is lighter than the water and will float to the top and solidify. If you don't cover the pot, your whole fridge will smell like bong 

 The next morning. The butter is on top and solid, the water is on the bottom. Cut the butter up with a sharp knife and remove it.

This is optional, but I usually melt the chunks of butter and I pour the melted butter into a tupperware style container and will put it back in the refridgerator or freezer. It will stay good for a couple of months in the referigerater (like regular butter). It will stay good and just as potent nearly forever if left in the freezer. I just defrosted some from two years ago and baked with it, no potency loss.

Using this method, the butter comes out very smooth tasting and can pack a good punch depending on the type of material you use, but in any case, stay healthy and stay high!!!


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Thumbs Up Mac stew
Posted by: FaTTy - 11-15-2017, 04:01 AM - Forum: Fun Food and Stoner Recipes - No Replies

Macaroni and cheese stew ..... Lol its good


Two boxes of your choice mac n cheese or shells n. Cheese
Two cans of stewed tomatos
Celery seed
Salt n pepper
And shredded cheese

Make the regular mac n cheese how u normally do and add 1 cup of shredded cheese to it when done and mix well. Add two cans of stewed to atoes and 1 tbsp of celery seed and salt n pepper to taste. Heat on low for about 5 min to mix all and heat well. Enjoy!!!!

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  10 Tips To Help The Indoor Grower
Posted by: FaTTy - 09-20-2017, 02:20 PM - Forum: Grow Pics / Cultivation Method and tips - No Replies

10 Tips To Help The Indoor Grower

Growing cannabis can be a fun and enjoyable experience if you know what you’re doing. It can also be a big pain in the rear and very costly if you don’t. Here are 10 simple tips to help you get the most out of your indoor marijuana garden.
1. Do your research!!!
This sounds like a no brainer first step, but it’s one many people overlook. Before you get started familiarize yourself with the basics of growing cannabis. Do some reading on growing, grow room design, and the other basics. It will save you a lot of headaches down the road. Don’t be afraid to use our forums to ask questions. The internet is full of information at your fingertips. Don’t forget to use it.
2. Proper room before you start
Don’t plant a single seed before you have your room built. Rushing to construct your room in a hurry won’t give you the best results. Build your room completely before you start your seeds or clones. You can always use the extra time to save up money and buy the seeds you really want while your are getting your grow room ready.
3. Veg and flower rooms
Build yourself a room specifically for flowering, and a second room just for vegging. Having a separate vegetative room will allow you to keep a mother, and have clones ready to go as soon as you finish your harvest. This allows you to guarantee  your favorite genetics are always available, and you won’t risk bringing foreign pest and fungus into your room on purchased clones.
4. 30 watts per sq ft or more
A very popular question among first time growers is how much light do I need for my room? Fortunately there is a simple rule of thumb you can use as a guide. Ideally you want to have 30 watts per sq ft of floor space. Of course, the more light the better. Here are some absolute minimums that I would recommend  as a starting point.
  • 1000watt = 6×6 room
  • 600watt = 5×5 room
  • 400 watt = 4×4 room
5. Ventilation
When it comes to ventilation, you can never have too much of it. Air movement will help keep your plants happy and healthy. By removing hot humid air, ventilation helps prevent mold and mildew. Ventilation also replenishes CO2 that plants need to photosynthesize. If possible, filter any fresh air that is drawn into the grow room. This will reduce the number of new pests introduced into the grow room.
6. Start with a simple grow method
Before you decide to try out that latest greatest high tech growing method you read about, start with the basics. Those people have spent many hours tweaking their grow rooms to a point of perfection. Instead, start with a good bag of soil, some pots, and a simple but good plan, then tweak your methods until you have achieved a heavenly perfection of your own.
7. Stick to one line of nutrients
If you have been to any grow shop recently, you will know that they have a metric ton of products that claim they make your plants grow faster, yield bigger buds, and taste better. Mixing different brands of nutrients can cause lockout and a number of other problems. Pick a single brand of nutrients and use only that one line. Most brands have a complete line of nutrients designed to give you the best results possible.
8. Cleanliness
As the old adage goes. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. This is also true for our grow rooms. Keep them clean, don’t leave trash in the grow room. It invites pests, and may present a safety hazard. If you pull off dead leaves, dispose of them outside of the room. If you can, have a clean pair of shoes and/or clothes you can put on before going into your rooms. This will keep down the likelihood of pests problems like spider mites. A simple suggestion is to have a pair of oversized coveralls hanging by the door. If you use a few simple preventative measures, you can help keep pests out. Your plants will thank you.
9. Mumms the word
This one can be difficult for many of us. Growing is very exciting. Sometimes you want to show your closest friends what you have going on. Maybe you can make them a little jealous. Stop! Keep your mouth shut, and don’t tell anyone about it. People have a bad habit of talking. For every person you trust enough to tell, expect they will tell 10 people that they trust enough to tell.  Before you know it, you could have some undesirable attention. It could be the authorities, or it could be robbers.
10. Start with good genetics
Starting with the right strain can make or break your garden. If you want big yields, then don’t grow a strain known to be a low producer. If you want a certain type of high, make sure you pick a strain that was designed for it. This goes back to tip #1. Do your research. It will save you time, energy and money.

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Bug Cannabis Grower's Shopping List
Posted by: FaTTy - 08-15-2017, 11:40 PM - Forum: Cultivation Equipment - No Replies

Complete Cannabis Grower's Shopping List

by Nebula Haze

Quick Examples of Common Cannabis Growing Setups
These electricity prices are calculated for the US average electricity cost of $0.12/kWh. Depending on where you live, it can be higher or lower. I've heard from marijuana growers who's electricity costs half as much, but also some who's electricity costs twice that or more. 
CFL Grow Lights [/size]
  • Average Electricity Cost: $27/month
  • Average Yield: 1-2 oz Per Harvest
  • Initial Setup Cost: $471.00
Starter LEDs[/size]
  • Average Electricity Cost: $23/month
  • Average Yield:2-4 oz Per Harvest
  • Initial Setup Cost: $589.00
250W MH/HPS[/size]
  • Average Electricity Cost: $33/month
  • Average Yield: 4-9 oz Per Harvest
  • Initial Setup Cost: $605.00
400W MH/HPS [/size]
  • Average Electricity Cost: $46/month
  • Average Yield: 7-14 oz Per Harvest
  • Initial Setup Cost: $744.00
  • Same electricity cost and yields for similar wattage LED grow light
600W MH/HPS[/size]
  • Average Electricity Cost: $61/month
  • Average Yield: 10-21 oz Per Harvest
  • Initial Setup Cost: $780.00
  • Same electricity cost and yields for similar wattage LED grow light

Expected Yields for Cannabis Grow Lights (and first-time grower supplies lists)
Electricity prices were calculated for $0.12/kWh (USA national average) and $0.25/kWh (city average). Your electricity price may be higher or lower depending on the cost of electricity where you live!
[Image: cfl-setup-example-with-expected-cost-and-yields-sm.jpg]
[Image: led-setup-example-with-expected-cost-and-yields-sm.jpg]
[Image: 250w-setup-example-with-expected-cost-and-yields-sm.jpg]

Beginner Grower Shopping Lists
Non-Picture Version - Choose Your Destination...
CFLs Average Electricity Cost: $27/month[/size]
  • 1-2 oz Per Harvest
  • Initial Setup Cost: $471.00
Starter LEDs Average Electricity Cost: $23/month[/size]
  • 2-4 oz Per Harvest
  • Initial Setup Cost: $589.00
250W MH/HPS [b]Average Electricity Cost: [/b]$33/month[/size]
  • 4-9 oz Per Harvest
  • Initial Setup Cost: $605.00
400W MH/HPS [b]Average Electricity Cost: [/b]$46/month[/size]
  • Same electricity cost and yields for similar wattage LED grow light
  • 7-14 oz Per Harvest
  • Initial Setup Cost: $744.00
600W MH/HPS [b]Average Electricity Cost: [/b]$61/month[/size]
  • Same electricity cost and yields for similar wattage LED grow light
  • 10-21 oz Per Harvest
  • Initial Setup Cost: $780.00
Although there is a larger size MH/HPS grow light available (1000W), at that size it starts going outside the scope of a "hobbyist" grower as far as ease and yields. In addition to needing a lot of extra cooling, a 1000W HPS grow light is less efficient compared to a 600W grow light (as far as how much light is put out for electricity used). I think most hobbyist growers would be happier with a 600W, or even two 600W lights, over a 1000W.
Learn the basics of growing weed: Beginner's Guide
These Cannabis Growing Setup Examples Assume You're Starting From Scratch and Don't Plan to DIY Anything
I tried to include everything in these lists, as if someone were growing marijuana completely from scratch. For each example I calculated the cost as if you were buying everything online off of from the included links. A lot of these items cost less money if you shop around online or buy them in person, and you may already have some stuff lying around the house already.
For each example I also included a matching grow tent, because I believe grow tents are the best way to create a perfect environment for your plant at a really low cost. But if you want to skip the tent and make your own grow space in a grow box or closet, learn how to create the perfect growing environment for your plants!
[Image: sirius-mh-hps-grow-tent-setup-sm.jpg]
[Image: questions-to-ask-yourself-sm.jpg]
Over the years we've had lots of people request "starter" shopping lists for new growers - it can be frustrating trying to figure out exactly what supplies you need to start growing cannabis indoors! So today I decided to make a few comprehensive shopping lists for common setups that include everything from nutrients to grow lights to rope ratchets. I'll even tell you what yields, electricity cost and cost/ounce to expect with each setup.
If you don’t want to have to figure out exactly what to buy to start growing, this article is for you! I will break down what to expect based on your space limits and desired yields, so you can get the exact perfect setup for your situation.
I need more/different help! Take me to the 10-Step Quick Start Grow Guide
[Image: potent-marijuana-nug-on-table-sm.jpg]

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  closet 2016
Posted by: FaTTy - 08-13-2017, 02:34 PM - Forum: Grow Pics / Cultivation Method and tips - No Replies

[Image: 3107_122027.jpg]

[Image: 3107_122039.jpg]

[Image: 3107_122048.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20160413_005422.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160413_005444.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160413_005500.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160413_005527.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160413_005539.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160413_005553.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160413_005608.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160418_205851.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160418_205907.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160418_205914.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160418_205940.jpg] [Image: IMG_2884.jpg] [Image: IMG_2885.jpg] [Image: IMG_2886.jpg] [Image: IMG_2887.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160208_021044.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160208_021108.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160208_021120.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160208_021137.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160208_021200.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160216_073330.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160216_073349.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160302_234746.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160302_234756.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160302_234838.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160302_234845.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160302_234858.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160302_234915.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160304_073200.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160304_073216.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160308_233340.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160308_233401.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160308_233416.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160308_233443.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160308_233505.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160308_233526.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160308_233622.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160308_233635.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160308_233647.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160311_204136.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160311_204148.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160311_204211.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160311_204535.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160323_232854.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160323_232918.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160323_233116.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160323_233128.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160331_005545.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160331_005559.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160331_005611.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160331_005625.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160331_005644.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160331_005710.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160331_005722.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160331_005736.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160403_115811.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160403_115830.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160403_115841.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160413_005146.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160413_005200.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160413_005219.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160413_005235.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160413_005253.jpg] [Image: IMG_20160413_005328.jpg]

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